GI Automotive is located in Beverly Hills and we specialize in restyling Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren cars.

Our commitment to our customers involves providing the highest quality aftermarket performance and restyling parts. Whether you are intending to restyle your car to match your personality or you’re looking to enhance the performance, or both, we can help you achieve you goals by utilizing our many years of experience. We do performance wheel and tire upgrades, which can dramatically change the performance and look of your car. For instance, a lightweight forged wheel and performance tire can be the single biggest improvement you make to your car.

We can improve your car’s acceleration and cornering by further reducing both static and rotational weight, replacing many parts with high quality carbon fiber or aircraft grade aluminum. We can add more downforce to your car increasing mechanical grip, improving your car’s cornering. We provide guidance and installation of any aftermarket performance parts and one-off custom designs.

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