Beverly Hills Aston Martin Service And Repair



Keep your gorgeous Aston Martin in top condition!

At Gi Automotive, Aston Martin is one of our favorite British automotive brands and the ownership experience is amazing. Aston Martin is a beautifully handcrafted car, they are engineered for performance and luxury. Few manufactures manage to achieve the goal of performance without sacrificing luxury. Our teams of certified technicians have been repairing Aston Martin cars in Santa Monica for decades. We promise to diagnose the problem right the first time, getting you back behind the wheel of your Aston Martin quickly. We also guarantee our prices to be cheaper than the dealer 100% of the time.

Aston Martin Owner Concierge Service – If you live within a reasonable distance of Gi Automotive in Beverly Hills we offer our exclusive ASTON MARTIN Customer Concierge Service. Get free transportation of your vehicle or you to our shop, ensuring you the least amount of disruption to your day. We make it our goal to take good care of you while we’re taking good care of your car.

Call today or send us an email and you’ll soon discover you and your Aston Martin are in good hands!