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ABOUT GI Automotive

Why Us?

Longevity, experience, wide range of projects I’ve done from ground up factory level restorations to custom one off body and engine builds, servicing and collision repair forcing me to have resources for all these and challenging us to constantly think outside the box.

I’ve worked in the corporate world so I have a very different background then most shops as well as a approach customer service with a high level of care and attention.

The amazing customer Gi Lounge.

Our clean office and shop environment.

Friendly clean people.

We provide world class work & customer service, without the high end costs.

I really care about my customers and the value their business and property. I look at like if you go to Rodeo and spend $1000’s you will be treated very well. You should be treated well when bringing your car, this is something the automotive industry as whole misses.

You will actually get what you pay for. May as well say, not like the other shady shops, at this point everyone gets it lol

We have factory trained technicians and use the same parts and computers that the dealer uses. “Same Size Nuts, Smaller Bills”

If you’re a full car enthusiast we can connect you to events and automotive experiences all over the world.